Hacking Bitcoin?

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hacking bitcoin

By Anthony Patch

A recent article appearing within CryptoMarket360 entitled: Is Quantum Computing going to be able to hack your Bitcoin wallet? Regrettably, yes.


Missing from this article and its premise is the absence of any mention ofD-Wave Systems and their 2000QTM model utilizing a chipset comprising 2048 qubits. Far surpassing the approximately 50 qubits attributed to IBM within this coverage of cryptocurrencies.

I view this as yet another prime example of the deliberate obfuscation within the public sector, even in scientific publications of any such citations of D-Wave.

As many of you no doubt have heard me say and read within the pages of Entangled magazine, the benchmark testing for D-Wave's 64-qubit prototype followed by its first commercially available 128 qubit model, achieved the prime factorization of Peter Shor's 2048 algorithm serving as the basis for all RSA-based public key encryption systems around the world.

This was the primary purpose and goal initially set forth by DARPA in providing D-Wave its first $10M in seed capital. And, NSA as their first 'commercial' customer.